USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INCFounded in the early 1980s, USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC is a company specializing in acquiring, renovating and selling retired aircraft. Headquartered in California, USA.

USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC main business includes the acquisition, evaluation, dismantling and recycling of retired aircraft. With rich industry experience and professional technical team, we can comprehensively evaluate various types of aircraft and accurately judge their residual value and reuse potential. Our dismantling and recycling process strictly abides by environmental protection standards to minimize the impact on the environment.

With years of experience and professionalism, USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC has won a good reputation and reputation. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent customer service to meet various needs. Whether it's a partner seeking personal operation or an aviation academy needing teaching and training equipment, American retired aircraft company can provide them with suitable solutions.

USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC uphold the responsibility to the environment, community and customers, and constantly pursue innovation and Excellence. Our team consists of a group of experienced aviation experts, engineers and environmental experts. Together, they are committed to providing the best aircraft reuse service and ensuring that every link reaches the highest standard.

Whether you are an airline seeking a disposal plan for retired aircraft or a potential partner who wants to know more about our reuse project, we welcome you to contact us for more information and further discussion.

How we make a difference

USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC makes the difference. Core values are important for the identity of USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC, they are part of the company culture.

Being the best

You will get the best service,

We do what we promise,

We always go that extra mile.

Outside the box

We dare to be different,

We think in solutions.


We initiate a better aircraft recycling industry,

We innovate to minimise the environmental impact.


You will have a smile on your face while working with us,

We communicate open and direct.