USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC buys end-of-life aircraft, which our highly skilled mechanics carefully disassemble.The removed parts are then placed in inventory, recertified and returned to the market. We are the only company that handles the entire supply chain for aircraft disassembly and dismantling.

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We offer over 10,000 parts. You can find parts removed from our own disassembled aircraft such as A320, A330, A340, 737, 747, and 757. Every part we show is in stock and has full traceability.

Our paperwork is always complete and to the highest industry standard in order. 

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    • Over 10,000 parts in stock
    • Full trace – complete paperwork
    • Warranty on every part
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Everything we do at USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC starts with purchasing aircraft. We are interested in all Airbus and Boeing models. Our focus is on airframes. Because the runway near our disassembly facility is long enough, USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC can accommodate all aircraft types.

Having purchased over 25 aircraft, we understand the market.

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    • Receive a good price
    • Smooth closing process
    • Financing in place
    • Experience deal making team

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    USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC team is a pleasure to deal with.”

    A credible partner, extremely approachable, lovely people. They value integrity, honesty in transactions, open about their intentions, offering components you can trust.

    They are a team that always seeks to improve their service, pro-active and hard-working. Looking forward to working with USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC further in the future and build on the relationship already established.


    “I think you guys are great overall.”

    Your response time is almost immediate, you are easy to work with, you have fantastic customer service and your prices are astounding. Most of the units we purchase from you guys pass test or need minor repairs, we’ve barely done any RMA’s but the few we have done were quick and efficient.


    “I just wanted to say; thank you.”

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and quick responses to my emails. You always work with us on pricing and are great to work with. USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC always has the material that we are looking for and at a fair price.

    We look forward to continuing and increasing the business with your company. So keep up the GREAT work!


    How we make a difference?

    We make the difference with our core values. They reflect our culture and are important for the identity of USA RETIRED AIRCRAFT INC.